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    Back Old Days…

    Rotcéh, also known as “RUTO” in the world of the Suicide Girls (check out her work).

    It Was A Good Party

    For St. Patrick's Day.

    IMG_9583 Faux fur and leather skort amsterdam fashion week

    People at the Amsterdam fashion week.

    See the link in the first commemt to see more pictures on my fashion blog- street style city-

    Take off

    Heaven is an Ocean

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Girly Girl?

I need advice and ideas, should I start focusing on my nails and hair, or clothes and shoes because I'm becoming a girly girl, who do I start?

Clothes and shoes are probably the most important because if you have girly nails and hair and held on non-girly - you will not be a girly girly.


Give me the definition of a girly-girl
what are they like?
what do they wear?
what do they do?
what are they the complete opposite of?

Speak Well-Girly girls don't swear every time they get annoyed or make a mistake, so don't. . So cut out the swear words and other words like "crap" or "cusing", and replace them with milder words such as "Dang!"

School tells boy to leave My Little Pony backpack at home

Today’s society is tied less to gender stereotypes and we’re headed in a new direction where it’s becoming more acceptable for girls to wear blue and boys pink. I think whether the show is intended for boys or girls is irrelevant. In this situation, Grayson should have been allowed to continue wearing his My Little Pony backpack and teachers should have pulled the children who were teasing Grayson aside and talked to them about being more accepting. The school clearly made a bad decision and is reenforcing the tired, archaic gender stereotypes when they should be encouraging kids to be more open-minded. It’s a school’s job to help kids learn how to be accepting of people from all walks of life. Story opens with a scene featuring a boy sitting on No. 4 train in Manhattan wearing a 3-foot-tall Pinkie Pie doll on his back.